Ha!  Consulting… isn’t that when someone comes in to take care of an issue, throws down a few ideas and walks out?  That sounds like an easy job!

So, I’m not about dropping in, giving a few ideas and leaving.  In fact, I really don’t see the fun in that.  Yes, that’s right, I like to have fun with my clients.  There are a few reasons for this…

  1. If you don’t get along with the people you work with… well, perhaps you are wasting precious energy.
  2. In my experience, the best projects have always come from having a great relationship with my clients.
  3. I firmly believe that life is too short to surround yourself with people that you don’t like… move on, find someone else.
  4. If we can’t laugh together… how in the heck are we going to create together?

So… what do I “consult” on?  Great question!

Corporate Recruiting

I work with corporate recruiting leaders who want to launch a social media strategy across their teams.  It’s less expensive, very engaging for both the recruiters and candidates… and, oh yes, you happen to be spreading your corporate brand the entire time.  There are a number of tools that are used in this strategy… some of which are:

  1. Twitter
  2. Blogging
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Facebook

Having spent my entire professional life working in recruiting… I have a pretty good grasp as to how these tools play in to the bigger picture.  The best part – it’s a lot of fun and very rewarding for recruiters to build new relationships.  Truth be told, you don’t have to have a social media strategy… but, your competitors will soon.

General Business

I’m not sure what the right characterization of this category would be… simply stated, I work with businesses, large and small, who want to implement social media into their overall strategy.  From real estate agents to law firms, I work closely with the team to make sure that everyone is on the same page and fully grasping the tools.

Social media is not a complex approach in my mind.  It has everything to do with coming to terms with who you really are and being willing to share that with the world.  Working under the idea that 20% of your clients provide 80% of your business, social media represents an opportunity to connect with those who would fall in to the 20% category… people who like you for who you are and want to do business with you!