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by The Red Recruiter on July 14, 2009

Matt 1 - Edited - FramedThe last year of my life has been a fun adventure! I’ve met great people, learned a ton about myself and have been given opportunities to work on some very exciting projects. In addition to recruiting, I work with clients that want to enter the realm of social media with their businesses.

It’s become apparent that a few ground rules are vital for any business that wants to venture in to this realm. I’m no expert, but this is what I’ve learned works with any clients that I engage with. In fact, this is a requisite for any client that I will work with.

Perhaps, as you evaluate your involvement, these will serve as some good points to think about.

Five Traits of a Great Social Media Client

  • Creativity – If you are looking to do the same boring thing that everyone else has already done… don’t spend the money on implementing social media. It probably won’t work.
  • Candidness – Are you the type of person that can laugh at yourself? Can you deal with criticism? Are you confident enough to be yourself openly? There are few secrets in social media. Are you okay with that?
  • Accountability – You WILL be held accountable online. Are you prepared to deal with a disgruntled customer in an open forum? This can be a huge plus for your business or an absolute disaster if you don’t do it right.
  • Passion
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    Are you proud of what you do? Do you have a true passion for your business? If you don’t, social media is not where you belong. Hide under a rock… or, better yet, do something else that you like!

  • Time – Social Media takes time. A solid strategy and implementation should replace other tasks that you are currently performing. This can work out great if you are using the tools correctly. However, if you are not going to take the time to learn the tools, execute consistently with them AND (most importantly) invest time into the new relationships that you establish, you are wasting valuable resources. Think about this one!

Spahn Law Firm

I was very happy to start working with an awesome legal firm here in San Antonio. First, they filled all of the requisites above… but, in addition to that, they are just excellent people! Matt Spahn, the Founder, wanted to communicate that his firm is not your average law shop. To the contrary, they are easy going, down-to-earth, funny… and, on top of that, they know what the heck they are doing! Fantastic client!

I finished up Matt’s first video today. As you will see, Matt is willing to step outside of the box (way outside!), be candid, openly express his commitments to his clients, show passion… and, of course, he has commited the time to following through.

So, I’ve been having fun with this one! Here is the video that we released today.

My challenge to you is this.

Do something brave. Step outside the norm. Express your brand and be willing to show your true self. You’ll be happier, your clients will get to know you and, ultimately, you will have some fun with what you have dedicated your professional efforts to.

Have I lost my mind? Are we all supposed to stay in little boxes? What’s your favorite “outside the box” effort you have seen from a company?

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  • Kari Quaas

    This is outstanding! If I lived in San Antonio, I know which law firm I would use. Well done.

  • Kari Quaas

    This is outstanding! If I lived in San Antonio, I know which law firm I would use. Well done.

  • The Red Recruiter

    He is just such a cool and funny guy! It was fun to make the video with him 😉

  • The Red Recruiter

    He is just such a cool and funny guy! It was fun to make the video with him 😉

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