The Glue of Society

by The Red Recruiter on March 13, 2009

Have you spent your life wondering about the impression that you leave on others? Perhaps, long ago, you tossed this concern to the side and decided that confidence would eliminate the need to gain acceptance. In a sense, that’s great and could bring about a whole new level of originality in your behavior. Why is it that some people seem to get along with everyone and others are condemned to their respective corners of originality?

I’ve always pondered this question. I tend to be the one striking up random conversations with strangers. I don’t feel like I’ve sacrificed in the process, even though I’ve had a few incidences of rejection. For me, it was always about getting to know others – people intrigue me.

With that said, I’m perfectly aware that some people hate talking to strangers. Maybe that comes from the childhood teaching… or maybe it’s just fear of the unknown. For many, chatting with an unknown person represents a risk – you open yourself up to scrutiny. The vulnerability created by putting yourself out there can be awkward from time to time. So, what’s the bright spot in this? Why is it worth it?


Now, more than ever before, we have the opportunity to see these connectors at work. Their previous venue of working “in person” has, in part, shifted to social media. Along with that, I’m sure there are a number of new connectors in the making. Perhaps the face-to-face part was a bit too much… now they can ease into the role by utilizing all of the amazing tools that we have at our disposal.

AMD – Inbound Marketing Summit

Yesterday I attended Chris Brogan’s Inbound Marketing Summit at the AMD campus in Austin – what an amazing experience! I learned so much and I’m really grateful for them putting on the event. Everyone involved with organizing the day did a great job! AMD took really good care of us and we even got to take a tour of the campus. They are on to some pretty fantastic new technology!

Towards the earlier part of the day, Chris Brogan showed us the video that I’m including in this post. For some, it will be an amazing experience. For others, perhaps it won’t resonate at all.

So, what is it? This video had around 20,000,000 hits on YouTube. This video, for me, represents our great ability to connect all of humanity through technology… the future! It’s about showing the things we have in common. That’s what I like.

What’s it mean for you? I guess the bigger question becomes how this will change the way we look at society in the future?

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