The Glassdoor To HR – Interview With Tim Besse – Part 1

by The Red Recruiter on May 8, 2009

Glassdoor FunnyWith so many online creations, it’s really hard for everyone to keep up with the latest and the greatest.  Let’s face it… we would be talking about more than a full time job.  I do my best to know what’s happening in the realm that is pertinent to my business, but certain things completely miss my radar every once and a while.  I had one of those moments the other day when I read this article on Mashable about a company called

In case you’ve missed this very interesting site, you have to start by reading their “About Us” section.  If you want to skip the link jumping, the very basic overview is that is a site for sharing information about salaries, interview processes and ratings on companies.  In essence, it’s becoming “the place” to share information and learn about your current, past and future employers.  Oh yes, and it’s free for everyone to use.

You should seriously link over to their website and read the description, as I do them no justice in giving you the full narrative of how they came to be.

So, back to stumbling across the Mashable article and why I was interested.  At first glance, I was a little bit shocked with the idea that interview processes and salary information were going to be openly shared… as this isn’t something that I’ve seen many companies willingly disclose to the public at large.  If they had, it usually involved some sort of legal action.  So here we have a site that is rapidly becoming a free exchange platform for all of this “secret” information… talk about pushing the transparency envelope!

SHRM Staffing Management Panel

So, while sitting on the panel in Las Vegas, Stephanie Lloyd brought up to the audience as the discussion sided towards the question of transparency.  It seemed very obvious that there were some mixed emotions in the room about the open disclosure of this type of information to the world.  On one side, you are going to have employers that are absolutely against this sort of disclosure… on the other, you will have companies that invite the inspection and realize how positive it can be for their brands.

In the long run, the talent market will judge secretive companies in a much different way.  Society has a tendency to equate secrecy with that which is bad… like it or not, that’s the reality.  So, if you want to be a true “employer of choice” going forward, I might recommend a budget allotment for glass cleaner.  Let the detailing begin!

Interview with Tim Besse

Since leaving the conference, I’ve been really curious to learn more about  I was kindly offered the opportunity to interview the Co-Founder of the organization, Tim Besse.

Going in to the interview, I did my best to leave preconceptions about the product elsewhere.  What I found, after speaking with Tim, was a company that has a true sense of what transparency, open accountability and community is all about.

Get familiar with their website – play around with it a bit.  In “Part 2” I will go over the very interesting conversation that I had with Tim.  I think that you will be pleasantly surprised by both his vision and the inspiration for starting this organization.

How do people feel about your organization? Are you sure? Really?

Photo Credit to Enggul for the funny picture of the man kissing glass!

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