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by The Red Recruiter on May 8, 2009

facebook-mothersdaypic.pngWhat fuels me the most must be curiosity.  I can’t help but to ponder the future direction of something when it strikes my curiosity chord.  If I meet a person, my mind automatically wanders into how that person can be the best, advance to the next step or ultimately meet their personal goals.  Perhaps that’s why I love recruiting… but, in all reality, it’s a larger OCD-like tendency to future map my surroundings.  The things and people that surround us really do have a massive impact on our realities.

I wonder how Facebook plans to shape my Mom’s future reality.  Hopefully it will be for the better.  I also hope that, while taking advantage of these great tools for sharing pictures and mini-messages, you still consider picking up the phone every once in a while.  Whether it be your Mom, neighbor or best friend… social media should be a way to compliment your relationships, not dominate them.

The ability to share our very human experience is a great gift.  It is from that fundamental building block that we go on to create friendships, start families and enjoy life for the journey that it is.

My Dad loves to cite a story about a man who figured out how many weekends he would have left before the estimated end of his life.  He took the average life span of a man and subtracted his age in years.  He then multiplied the figure by the number of weekends in a year.  With his resulting amount of “weekends left” he headed to the hobby store to buy enough marbles to represent every weekend he had left in his life.  When he got back home he placed these marbles in a mason jar by his desk.  Every weekend he removed one marble from the jar as a reminder that this won’t go on forever.

So, smile! Be grateful and do something nice for those around you.  If that means nothing more than inviting them to Facebook and sending them a picture, go for it!

How do you value the marbles in your mason jar?

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