Recruiting and Twitter – Part 1

by The Red Recruiter on March 27, 2009

Nowadays, it doesn’t seem like you can turn on the TV or listen to the news without hearing about Twitter. As with most topics that catch a lot of attention, there will always be criticism and support. From the celebrity gossip to the political turmoils of the day – people always have a way of choosing sides. It’s really a good thing.

Let’s face it. Life would be pretty boring if everyone agreed on everything.

Twitter Criticism

I seem to be hearing people criticize Twitter because it runs the potential of becoming an obsession with little value. I agree that this may apply to some individuals who have a hard time stepping outside of their comfort zones. However, I do think that Twitter offers the true introverts of the world an opportunity to explore and meet people of like-interests.

Who are we to judge how people choose to relate to others?

If the platform helps them… great! The alternative is potentially leaving someone without a social outlet. Should they stretch themselves and meet people in person? Maybe. But, at the end of the day, it makes me happy to think that people can find a line of communication that works for them.

Okay… enough of my opinion, let’s talk about how this applies to recruiting.

As Twitter Applies to Recruiting

I’ve been curious to find out if Twitter can actually impact a recruiting desk. First know – I’m an independent recruiter with a focus on Human Resources recruiting. I have a niche category of focus, so it’s always important that I stay in touch and relate with HR professionals from around the country. I have found Twitter to be a great way to make this happen.

Just this week alone, I had the opportunity to communicate with well over 20 individuals who work within the HR arena. No less than five people reached out to me directly with their resumes… and they are great candidates! A couple of other Twitter contacts have approached me about working on high-level HR search assignments for their organizations. Please note… I did not solicit business from these contacts – I simply involved myself in conversations regarding HR. If someone wants to approach you, they will… it’s Social Networking not Social Marketing in my book.

The beauty of it all, as I related to my new Twitter friend Chris at Renegade HR, is that Twitter offers us a chance to connect easily. You can sort through millions of people to find those who clearly apply to your interests – whatever they might be. You don’t have to be pushy – just be yourself and share things that are of interest to you and your group. The laws of attraction will then be put in motion. If you don’t like what someone has to Tweet about, then you can quit following them. If you like what someone is saying, you can respond to that person directly or share their message with your own followers (ReTweet). The free flow of information is amazing and it’s great to know that you can develop a group of Twitter friends who are very willing to help.

As Twitter applies to business, it has the potential to become a game-changing tool. Additionally, Twitter makes it very easy to establish relationships based on common personal interests. I’ve met a number of musicians, world travelers and all-around adventurous spirits. Organizing these multiple conversations and topics can become a challenge. I would recommend that you download a tool designed to monitor and categorize the conversations you take a part in. While there are numerous options for this, I’m currently using TweetDeck to organize and filter my personal categories of interest.

Moral of The Story

Twitter is not for everyone… I get that. However, for recruiting and many other professions, I definitely see the value in understanding and communicating with your target market. Assuming that your intentions are in the right place, I think that Twitter can bring business relationships to a new level. Let’s face it – people like to work with people they’re fond of. I can openly admit that not everyone will like me… and I’m okay with that. However, if you express yourself, share things that you think are important and have an overall good attitude… likelihood says that you will gradually encounter a group that shares a lot in common with you.

I chose to recruit for Human Resources because I happen to enjoy people who work in that realm. Assuming the same applies to you, regardless of your business type, I would encourage you to give it a shot. Many people are recommending ways to use Twitter. Chris Brogan does a great job at explaining the topic and providing strategies… I highly recommend you take a look at his opinions on this matter!

Has Twitter had an impact on your personal or business life? If so, how?

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