New Road Ahead

by The Red Recruiter on February 16, 2010

I arrived to London… and what an adventure it was getting here!

From Texas, the flight headed to Dulles Airport.  After circling over the airport for about 45 minutes, the pilot announced that we were running out of fuel… Ummmmmm.

So, we headed to Baltimore where we proceeded to land – and then sit on the runway for about 3 1/2 hours.

At this point I was a bit concerned that I may miss my flight to London, and given the time, be stranded in DC for the night.  All valid concerns as it turned out.

After flying back to Dulles, we were all greeted with some seriously long lines to wait for customer service.  Fortunately, I spotted a little kiosk just for people like me… the stranded few.

As luck would have it, there was another flight headed out of Dulles for London at just after 10:00 PM.  With little time to spare, I was given a boarding pass and shuffled through the airport to board the flight.

Seven hours and somewhat of a time warp later, I arrived in London!  It does feel odd to depart at 10:00 PM and see the sun come up within (what seemed to be) a matter of hours.

London Plans

For the rest of today and tomorrow, I will be hanging out with the Rackspace UK crew.  They are a very inviting bunch and it’s been excellent to meet them in person!

On Thursday and Friday, I’ll be attending the TruLondon conference!  It should be fun!

I’m going to be putting up a photo stream to share some of the experiences I gather here in London!

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