Go Green: Social Change and Social Media

by The Red Recruiter on June 18, 2009

Green ChairsThe world is changing fast and so is the way that we push for social change.  Processes for spreading an ideal have been pretty consistent over time… one person tells another who tells another – grassroots!

So, what happens when we eliminate the time and distance between us?  What happens to social movements when the click of a mouse translates into mass awareness?  No longer do we live in a world where messages, despite their value or worth, go unnoticed.

Social media is one of the truest democracies of thought awareness that we’ve ever witnessed… and you thought Twitter was silly.


So… if you are on Twitter, you may have noticed something interesting in the trends lately.  With the chaos over the elections in Iran, many protesters have chosen Twitter as the social media platform of choice to help spread the message.  To deliver updates, they are including the hashtag #IranElection in their messages.

We are learning about the events in Iran via what people on the ground have to Tweet about it!

Even if you are staying away from Twitter for the time being, I would recommend that you take a look at the conversation by monitoring the flow of information.  I have found Twubs to be very useful for this purpose.

It’s an amazing display of how connected we really are.


In a show of support for those in Iran who are protesting for change, people have started altering their avatars to the color green.  This has created something that resembles a tribe of Jolly Green Giants all over Twitter.  When you look at the #IranElection hashtag, you will see what I mean.

To join in, I would recommend heading over to Picnik.  There, you can easily adjust your photo to give it that nice green tint.  Here are the simple instructions.

  1. Navigate to www.picnik.com
  2. Upload your profile picture by pressing “Upload a photo”
  3. Press the “Crop” button
  4. Crop your picture to 295 x 295
  5. Press the”Create” tab on the top
  6. Select “Effects”
  7. Scroll down to “Tint”
  8. Pick a shade of green that works for you
  9. Click “Save & Share”
  10. Now upload your picture to your profile in Twitter

Small Acts That Change The World

Changing your profile picture to

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green will not, in itself, change the world.  However, thousands upon thousands of green pictures… well, perhaps something can be accomplished.

I’m not an in-your-face political kind of guy.  I value differences in opinion and love healthy dialogue.  However, it’s become increasingly apparent that I am like this and that I enjoy the healthy dialogue because I live in a country where I can do just that.  If my ability to fairly cast a ballot were to be removed… well, that’s a different matter.  I suppose I would then rely on my right to bear arms…

I show support for those in Iran because I believe in the democratic ideal.  Together we vote, together we decide.

Social media is changing the world.  Are you ready to participate?

Photo Credit, Daveybot

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