Red Shoe Project – New York

by The Red Recruiter on June 25, 2009

Red Shoe Project has been a blast from the beginning!  Pictures from all corners of the country and from as far away as Australia have landed in my inbox.  Every person, every picture… a small show of support for an idea.  The idea that micro-contribution can ultimately make a difference in a big way!  The cause is still growing, but the journey thus far has been amazing!

Two months ago, I got a call from a good friend named Sushma.  Sush had decided to pursue her dream of making films by entering an intensive film school program in New York.  She caught wind of the Red Shoe Project and decided to use the theme for a music film assignment.  Needless to say, it was a great gesture on her part and it was very exciting to see how her project turned out!  Sush is now embarking on the next chapter in her story by starting her own video production company – Cutting Chai Productions.

Here is the final result!

Thank you so much for your help Sushma!  The Red Shoe Project salutes you! 😉

Do you have a favorite Red Shoe Project picture?  Have you turned in your picture yet?

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