PCRecruiter Meets Red Shoe Project

by The Red Recruiter on July 17, 2009


It really started with questions…

What would happen if helping non-profits raise awareness became fun, inexpensive, far-reaching… did I say fun?

What if it wasn’t based around simply writing a check?

What if participation was based on involvement instead of just money?

What if anyone could participate because the show of

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support was simple and achievable?

Red Shoe Project aims to spread awareness for one worthy non-profit on an annual basis. Participation is simple:

  1. Connect with our group on Facebook
  2. Take a picture of yourself in red shoes (your friends, colleagues or family will work too!)
  3. Submit your picture to the project via email or on the Facebook page
  4. Tell your friends… spread the word!

This year, Red Shoe Project has chosen My New Red Shoes out of San Francisco, CA. Their purpose is to give a child in need a new pair of clothes for their first day of school. They aim to raise $125,000 a year in order to accomplish this goal. That’s a new pair of clothes for over 2,000 children. Do you think we can help?

Imagine Red Shoe Project as a hit-squad… but, in a good way. With enough momentum, we could drastically impact a worthy non-profit every single year… and have a lot of fun in the process!

PCRecruiter – Main Sequence Technologies, Inc.

The team at PCRecruiter recently threw a company party for Red Shoe Project. They brought in their old shoes, gathered up some red spray paint and had a blast! The resulting pictures… well, I was smiling from ear to ear!

Many thanks to the PCRecruiter team for joining the cause and being a part of the fun! Your participation is much appreciated! A very special thanks to Mike Owcarz for planting the seed and getting the ball rolling!

Here is the result of their fun day with red shoes! Enjoy!

The song in this video is called “Broken Stereo” by Sean Fournier. He is great! Check out his music on his website.

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