Changing The World With Red Shoes

by The Red Recruiter on March 21, 2009

Picture 001For those of you that have met me in person, you may have noticed something different lately – something consistent, yet highly non-standard. It’s not my latest haircut, nor a new found attitude. I, my friends, only wear red shoes. Other than the first few moments in the morning, I don’t perform my daily activities (does not apply to bathing) without my red shoes on. At a business meeting, a speech, while I’m recruiting during the day and even when I go out at night, I have on my red shoes.

Well, that’s crazy! Why the heck would I do that?

Well, there are a few reasons that I have chosen to wear red shoes every single day. For starters, I’m The Red Recruiter – so, I figured I would try something different. I wanted to tie my online brand into my “away from the computer” brand. Kind of a merging of worlds – no, not that dramatic, but I did want to have some fun with it.

So, as I walked around in my red shoes, I thought about how this effort, this “fun” challenge could be turned in to something more – something worthy of violating every single fashion rule in existence. Not to say I care a whole lot about judgment based on my choice of shoes, but every once in a while someone will give you that second nod… you know, that one where they crinkle their forehead in confusion and obvious non-approval. It’s all good!

Red Shoe Project

One Saturday morning a few weeks ago, I woke up and just stared at the ceiling. Life, since starting my own business, has been a lot of fun. Stressful at times – exhilarating at others. It’s that balance that I’m sure any new business owner has to go through. When the pressure is high, I have taken solace in the fact that I work very hard on behalf of my clients and candidates. While things don’t always go as planned, I know that I’ve always given it the college try.

Something was missing…

Ever since High School, I’ve always been involved with non-profits. Working with charity groups and on causes has always been a fun thing for me. It was never so much about joining the “We Make a Difference Club” as it was just having fun and interacting with people that needed some help. I don’t think that offering your time or money or energy to someone that needs your help suddenly means you deserve a medal. To the contrary, it’s your duty as a human being, in my opinion, to lend a hand every now and again. Be grateful for what you have and share with others. I don’t think that working with non-profits should change your life, it should simply become a part of it – whatever amount of time or effort is right for you.

The other side of working with deserving groups, for me, has always been the fun factor. How can this project help people and be exciting at the same time? Will the people involved leave the project feeling that they contributed in a healthy way? Are we asking too much of the volunteers involved? Anyone that has ever been involved with non-profit work has seen the 80/20 rule at work. 20% of the people doing 80% of the work doesn’t seem right to me – not because I harbor hard feelings towards those who didn’t help as much, I just think that the non-involved 80% need to find another project or simply check-out until they are ready to get involved. Free will offers many choices!

So, with that viewpoint in mind, I had an idea…

What if…

… through wearing red shoes every single day for an entire year, I can help a worthy organization spread awareness?

… I can get other people involved with spreading that awareness around the country?

… this could be done without overburdening anyone, asking for money or taking up too much of anyone’s time?

Then it came to me!

Make it a fun campaign!

Make it something that everyone can get involved with… no matter their location, financial situation or time constraints. Make it fun! Everyone wants to have a good time… if they can do that in the name of spreading awareness for a great cause… even better!

Red Shoe Project will be launching in the next few weeks. I have identified the perfect organization to help. We are working on the technology to support the launch and I’m looking for a shoe company that wants to be a part of something special.

Over the course of this campaign, I intend to prove to businesses that getting involved with non-profits can be both beneficial to all involved and a ton of fun! I’ve had it with corporations waiting to see what’s in it for them. We live in a time when, for a very small amount of money, you can do amazingly special things! You can reach out and touch the world through the ever-growing new venues of social media. Merging desire to help, resources of a business, a worthy non-profit cause and the power of social media… I’m setting out to prove that wearing red shoes and making something fun can impact the world and truly improve the lives of many people!

Are you going to help me?

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