SHRM Conference – Day 1 (kind of)

by The Red Recruiter on April 29, 2009

Picture 361Well… I wish I had a ton of great stuff to tell you all about today, but it was pretty much occupied by travel.

Regardless, the day had a few adventures.

Leaving San Antonio, I was fortunate to sit by a gentleman from Australia named Kelvin.  He is visiting the U.S. for the first time and traveling the country with his friend Marty who lives out in Washington, D.C.  Now, I’m not sure if you have met many Australians, but, in my experience, they have always been great people.  Very easy going, open to new ideas, easy to have a conversation with.  So, despite the cramped airplane, it was a great flight.

Once I arrived to Las Vegas, I was greeted by my Sister.  We headed out to the Hilton Las Vegas so that I could get checked in.  I must say, this city has grown tremendously since the last time I visited.  I’m not quite sure how they pack all of the hotels every night… or do they?  As we drove down the strip I pondered how much money is spent every single minute in Las Vegas.  Can you imagine how much money is poured into the slot machines?

After getting checked in to the hotel, we headed down to the lobby.  My Sister went ahead to play slots for a few minutes while I headed over to the SHRM registration area.  Given the time, most of the people had already cleared out.  I went over to the exhibition hall to see what I could see.

Among other things, I came across a booth for Bernard Hodes… read the sign in the picture.

Picture 343While I knew that this question was one of the hot ones… it was interesting to see it so vibrantly displayed on a booth from a pretty well-known company.  It leaves me wondering how a large brand is going to communicate such a personal approach to other corporations.  I hope that they do.  The people at the booth were great!  I told them about Red Shoe Project and asked them to bring in their red shoes tomorrow… hopefully they will.

After walking the grounds a bit, I headed over to the official SHRM display booth to see if I could catch China Gorman in the act of Twittering… unfortunately, I arrived too late.  Fortunately, I was able to meet a couple of SHRM employees (Nicole and Christina) who were still around for the passing visitors.  We spent a few minutes talking “Twitter” before I headed off to meet back up with my Sister.

On the way out I ran in to Matt Adams from NAS Recruitment.  He is going to be on the panel tomorrow for Social Media in HR.  You can find him on Twitter under the username @madam.  He might even be sending out some Tweets from the stage… we shall see.

Walking out of the main area, I ran in to an attendee of the conference (Dennis) and struck up a conversation about social media.  He really viewed this whole movement as a great thing for HR.  In summary, his determination was that social media will end up holding companies more accountable for being honest and transparent in their hiring practices.  I tend to agree with him.

So… I finally met up with my Sister and we headed out to a local restaurant for some Vegas-Style steak.  Good stuff!

All in all, the day was pretty long.  As a regular night owl, I’m up way to late and I know that morning will come way to soon.

That’s it for now.  Hopefully I’ll have some really informative stuff for everyone tomorrow.

Is there anything that you want me to find out while I’m at the convention?

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