Now That’s A Resume!

by The Red Recruiter on November 18, 2010

Since joining the

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profession of recruiting, I’ve seen a number of creative approaches for finding a job.

  • Walking the streets with a cardboard sign around ones neck
  • Creating a resume that has a a special color or scent
  • Dancing in the lobby of our staffing office (awkward)
  • Personal business cards in all shapes, sizes and colors
  • Websites, portfolios and audio recordings
  • The list goes on, and on, and on…

I witnessed something today that was a first… a MUSIC VIDEO! A RAP resume if you will…

YouTube Preview Image

Dave Berzack is a Sr. Developer with a passion for dynamic graphics and scripted animation. Within the “About Me” section of his site, he describes himself as a Developer, Designer and a Fool. Check out this quote from the “Fool” portion:

I do a lot of ridiculous things. Rapping about computer programming, building a trippy, fur-lined geodome, traipsing around in outlandish costumes, dancing in public… yes – I am a fool.

But a fool is not just a silly clown. He is a human Trickster, bucking conventions and breaking down walls to make way for real change.

I thrive on tossing aside the rulebook and expanding the possibilities. If you’re interested in making something big happen – something wild and explosive – please call me. I’d like to help.

I’m intrigued by Dave’s approach and positive he will continue to make waves! Of course, the 127,000+ views of his video resume serves as a pretty good indication.

Be inspired, think

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outside the box and be you!

  • Etienne Besson

    Now that’s just wickedly good!
    Great song, cool actors and super quality video.
    And he also included what many “serious” job seekers forget when they apply: what’s in it for the company? Well, apparently not just great code, but also high conversion rates and happy (and paying) clients.
    Thanks for posting this, this is too cool 😉

  • Michael Hanson

    Great post Michael! AND a great resume. I think this is a great example of thinking beyond the box …

  • theredrecruiter

    Etienne – You bring up an excellent point that’s worth a blog post in itself! The candidate’s ability to express what’s in it for the company is huge! Thanks for stopping by 😉

    Michael – Thanks man. I concur – great example of outside the box thinking!

  • Mkeeffer

    Nice illustration of using every opportunity possible to demonstrate who you are and what you’re about. Wouldn’t work for some professions, but this gives you a sense of who he is – very valuable! A risk that worked…

  • theredrecruiter

    Yeah… pretty cool stuff! 😉

  • Mohammedkhizar

    Its good, Dave you rock man, I haven’t seen such an amusing hip-hop video featured specially for consultants as well as for everyone, good going, Mr. Developer!

  • Bgosch

    This was crazy good! It’s great to see someone “steppin out tha box yo”!

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