Jobs2Web: Social Recruiting Technology of the Future

by The Red Recruiter on June 20, 2010

Jobs2Web - Recruiting TechnologyI had the distinct pleasure of attending a user conference last week in beautiful Minneapolis, MN. Jobs2Web, a rapidly expanding recruitment technology firm out of Minneapolis, hosted a user conference for their various clients to exchange ideas, attend thought-provoking sessions and, of course, experience networking at it’s best over great food and drinks.

If you have yet to hear about Jobs2Web, I would recommend you check out their website and/or watch the promotional video. It’s direct, to the point and will surely leave you thinking, “That makes sense!”

In fact, after having spent the past two years travelling, brainstorming and looking far and wide for the most progressive recruitment technologies, I can say for sure that Jobs2Web has made a fan out of me. They are the real deal and, simply put, THEY GET IT!

How Jobs2Web Will Change Recruiting

To everyone I’ve spoken with about the product and the many more I will speak with in the future; it’s my firm belief that Jobs2Web will change the way we recruit. With a very simple shift in the way we have always gathered candidate information, they are enabling their clients to build talent communities and engage through the use of social recruiting tools – something we have all been starving for!

In the past, the approach was as follows:

  1. Establish job openings
  2. Promote jobs through various channels
  3. Have candidates go through the ATS application process
  4. Pre-screen and interview candidates
  5. Hire the best suitable candidate for the role

What Jobs2Web has done is, in essence, add a valuable step to the process and enable recruitment groups to capture data for both active and non-active members of the overall talent population.

The basic Jobs2Web process looks as follows:

  1. Establish job openings
  2. Promote jobs through various channels
  3. Greet candidates with a short business card that they fill out
  4. Have candidates go through the ATS application process
  5. Pre-screen and interview candidates
  6. Hire the best suitable candidate for the role

I know, I know… it doesn’t seem all that different. But, it’s what they’ve done with the business card that makes all the difference in the world.

You see, Jobs2Web has created more than a business card that candidates fill out before proceeding with the recruitment process. They have created an

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entire system around that information that allows recruiters to interact and measure results of the web traffic that visits their site.

Instead of simply hoping for candidates to make it through the process, the business card allows for recruitment organizations to capture the very basic data necessary to continue dialogue with talent of interest… and, used correctly, develop of a community.

Why Does This Matter?

Well, if you have spent much time reviewing your career site metrics, I’m sure you have already found out that many candidates apply for jobs during peak normal business hours. In the metrics I review on a normal basis, I can clearly see that the majority of candidates visit the career site between 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM from Monday through Wednesday.

While there is traffic on the other days of the week, it’s pretty obvious that parties of interest are out cruising for jobs during the workday.

So, what happens when they get interrupted? Do you still have a chance to capture their information and follow up with them? Probably not.

Jobs2Web, through the very simply insertion of a business card early on, captures the data necessary to continue the dialogue.

From the point of information collection forward, the candidate enters the normal process.

Building a Talent Community

What happens with this valuable information next is what makes Jobs2Web powerful!

While the business card is one way for candidates to enter the talent community, Jobs2Web has made it easy, with a variety of widgets for your career site and social media outlets, to allow talent to join your community and to be kept abreast of opportunities of interest.

Instead of spending money on job postings again and again to attract similar groups of people to your career site, the Jobs2Web technology enables recruiters to interact directly with the people who have been previously interested in opportunities.

The power of this method was affirmed by a number of clients during the conference – clients including Microsoft, Lifetime Fitness and HCR ManorCare, among others. One client reported that their talent community had grown to 350,000 people over the course of two years. Their recruitment advertising spend dropped by 50% and their number of applicants had increased by tens of thousands… per month! Pretty powerful testimonial!

Analytics That Transform

Beyond being a smart way of going to market with your recruitment spend, Jobs2Web offers insight into how your advertising dollars are being spent. Imagine being able to put a dollar figure behind every candidate recruited. Do you know how much you spend on recruiting candidates? Do you know what your exact ROI is from every source? Wouldn’t you like to?

A number of clients reported a change in their abilities to negotiate rates with job boards, job fairs and other recruitment sourcing avenues. Yes, you may be receiving clicks from job boards, but do you know how many of those candidates are converting to hires? Shouldn’t you?

The analytics dashboard that Jobs2Web offers is pretty amazing. From how many of your job related pages are ranking on Google to exactly where ALL of your traffic is coming from. A Recruiting Manager, armed with a tool like this, will be able to measure, respond and spend with powerful data to back them up. Gone are the days of “Post and Pray.” Welcome the era of intelligent social recruiting!

In Conclusion

While this may have seemed like a long affiliate post for Jobs2Web, I assure you, it’s not. I’m simply impressed. For the first time in a while, I find myself sitting back saying “Wow! – This makes total sense!” “Why didn’t something like this come out years ago?!?”

There are some great technologies out there for recruiting. I’m sure many of them provide value to the recruiting process in some way. However, Jobs2Web is, by far, the most progressive, intelligent and exciting technology I have seen for recruiting in a long time! It very well could change the way we approach social recruiting, community building and recruitment advertising spend – that’s a lot of impact.

I’ve just barely scraped the surface of what Jobs2Web is capable of. Seriously, check out their website and see what they have to offer. Or don’t… this would be a great secret to keep! 😉

Special thanks to Jobs2Web for the invitation to their conference! You guys and gals are doing amazing work! Keep it up!

In the coming weeks, I will cover some of the interesting presentations and topics that were covered at the conference. Beyond the innovation that Jobs2Web has to offer, there was an amazing amount of brainstorming going on – all good stuff!

  • Suzanne Dunham

    Michael – great synopsis of Jobs2Web! You have made me even more proud to be a part of this progressive and innovative company. Thank you for the comprehensive write!

  • theredrecruiter


    I know that there is so much more to share – kind of tough to put it all in a tiny little blog post!

    Great job with the conference and congratulations on making some major waves in recruiting!


  • Martha Gateley

    It was great meeting you at J2W conference and I agree 100% with you!

    Martha Gateley

  • Lmoeller

    It was great meeting you Michael! Thank you for your great blog and affirmation that we are making a difference. Although you give us a lot of credit as I said none of it would have been possible without the vision of our great client partners. We can't wait for your presentation!

  • Lmoeller

    It was great meeting you Michael! Thank you for your great blog and affirmation that we are making a difference. Although you give us a lot of credit as I said none of it would have been possible without the vision of our great client partners. We can't wait for your presentation!

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  • theredrecruiter

    Thanks Martha! Great meeting you as well!

  • theredrecruiter

    Thanks for stopping by! The conference was fantastic and I’m looking forward to what y’all come up with next – exciting stuff!

  • career ideas

    off course webs has changed the recruiting process, now job are posted on web, interviews are made through web based chat plugins and finally hiring, hired persons are placed in list of hired.

  • Bernadette Osmond

    does this customer still existing i cant find this site anywhere, i heard they have a good affiliate programs. can any one advise?

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