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by The Red Recruiter on July 7, 2011

Jobs2Web User Conference StageYou know a product is powerful when it’s hard to imagine performing without it. How many recruiting “solutions” have you used that left you wondering what work life was like before using it? For me, Jobs2Web is that product.

Just over a year ago, I attended my first Jobs2Web user conference in Minneapolis. At that point, we had yet to implement the product. My excitement was very much so based on the feedback of the many clients I encountered and the possibilities seemed endless. If they could do it, surely we could.

In November of 2010, I went through the implementation process and with the help of their amazing team, brought the product online on December 2nd. Yes, I remember the date.

Over the course of the following six months, we’ve seen some outstanding performance. Traffic has more than doubled and we can finally make decisions based on objective data – which sources actually perform. What a breath of fresh air 😉

Last month, I attended my second user conference and Jobs2Web continues to knock my socks off.

From great speakers like Michael Marlatt, Lou Adler and the Jobs2Web founders to a variety of informative break out sessions, the conference was packed with knowledge and collaboration. If I can count on one thing from the Collaborate user conference, it’s to learn something new from companies that are pushing the envelope.

So, as you may have guessed, I’m a Jobs2Web fanboy. But, I have good reason.

Jobs2Web User ConferencePointless spend is down and effective spend is on the rise. The product is pushing quality candidates from organic sources and our talent community is growing very quickly. Recruiters have the ability to be nimble with the community and, as a new feature, they can even be

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notified when a targeted candidate comes through the process.

Since launching, I’ve been able to test theories with Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Adwords and other non-traditional advertising routes. The best part… I know which ones work. What a relief 😉

So, how does a great product keep innovating? They listen to their clients.

Jobs2Web continues to create new and innovative ways to leverage the Internet for recruiting. With some of the largest corporations in the world now on board, the wealth of metrics and source effectiveness information is overwhelming. In addition, they work with their clients to create custom solutions. For me, that will come in the form of sharing dynamic content with job seekers.

Waiting for effectiveness metrics from sales people seems like a distant memory. Jobs2Web has and seems equipped to continue impacting the standards that vendors are held to and it’s a really great shift for all of us.

Keep on truckin’ Jobs2Webbers!

  • Philologic

    I consult with several companies who assert that J2W is difficult to work with, promises and underdelivers both in features and results.
    Would you be willing to share #s (before J2W and after) to help me understand your success and what others may be able to do to replicate your “success”.


  • theredrecruiter

    That has not been my experience at all.  To the contrary, they have delivered faster than promised and continually add features that didn’t exist when we went live.  That’s just after six months, so I can only imagine this pattern continuing.

    In terms of numbers, I’d be happy to.  We went from about 25-30k visitors a month to 70k visitors a month within 4 months.  Organic search to our jobs now makes up 16.2% of total traffic.  Their email product now drives 10.4% of total traffic. 

    On the cost reduction side, the first few months of data has allowed us to cut out certain sources that were costing a substantial amount of money.  Once we could prove effectiveness, it was much easier to make the decision.

    To replicate success… I don’t know for sure.  Work with their team and fully integrate their product.  That would be my best advice. 😉

  • Matt Park

    Philologic (Phil Haynes) should have come clean and admitted that he works for which is competing with one aspect of what J2W does.  Its a shame he is using the red recruiter space to attack a competitor with unfounded claims.  In the interest of full disclosure, I am the EVP of Sales for J2W.  Our co. works very hard to maintain the incredibly high levels of client satisfaction we have achieved.

  • theredrecruiter

    And you guys/gals do a great job!  That was a pretty shady approach for discrediting J2W.  Dumb.  Fact is, I’d be happy to present any of our “success” metrics.  Y’all are rockin’ 😉

  • Phil

    Hey Matt,
    Let’s take this off line and I can share my completely FOUNDED claims with names.
    I was seeking info.
    And we really don’t compete do we?

  • Phil Haynes

    Hey Michael,
    My name is Phil Haynes and Philologic is my personal twitter and blog handle.  I don’t use it “hide” my identity (since I’m very public in social media and tied to this handle)in fact I use it in the hopes that people DO search me out and see what I’m talking about!  

    I’m a 20 year recruiting industry veteran with a vested interest (some say too much so) in seeing “recruiting” succeed.

    My questions to you were sincere.  Allow me to explain.

    I work for as VP of Client Success.  As a former practitioner and purchaser of recruiting solutions, I get deeply involved with our client’s success both with OUR solution and others.  Like most people involved with recruiting, the extent to which clients succeed with solutions is widely varied.  When I read your raving review of J2W, it caused me to pause and want to find out what you were doing to get such success.  Not to discredit another vendor but to help MY CLIENTS become more successful with their tangential solutions to 

    THANK YOU for sharing your metrics and success with me – it’s very helpful on many fronts:

    First, It helps me understand the value that SEO can bring to a company.  As you may be aware, not everyone is achieving your rate of success so it’s good to see that it CAN happen!  I’m sure, as it is with most solutions, this is a combination of the solution and YOUR ability to use the tools successfully.

    Secondly, it further helps me understand the J2W value proposition (SEO, drive organic traffic, drive email traffic etc.) and how my clients might be able to further use the platform (or other SEO platforms) to achieve success.

    Finally, it confirms my assertion to Matt that we really don’t compete but COMPLIMENT each other because’s value prop has nothing to do with SEO, traffic metrics etc.

    Once again, thank you for answering my question and sharing your metrics.  I’m a regular reader and wish you continued success.  I look forward to working with my clients and friends in the business to try to replicate your success with SEO!

    Phil Haynes
    VP, Client Success

  • theredrecruiter


    Thank you for clarifying.

    While I trust that your questions to me were sincere (and I hope that I gave you a worthy answer), I can understand how the statement that preceded your question/s could be perceived negatively.

    “I consult with several companies who assert that J2W is difficult to
    work with, promises and underdelivers both in features and results.”

    In the future, the questions would probably suffice.  If we launch into debate from there, so be it 😉

    Thanks again for stopping back by to clarify.


  • Sean P Kelley

    My supervisor touted a company that was going SEO everything with our job postings and get us to the top when people do searches. I scoffed and thought it was black hat SEO techniques that got JCPenny and BMW in trouble with Google not to far back.  Then I realized she was just going with the pitch and not actually understanding how it all worked.

    We just launched J2W after I looked into them to better understand the voodoo that was being touted on a drunken kool aid stupor. I’m looking forward to seeing how they can help our efforts because I know we need it.

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