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by The Red Recruiter on April 30, 2010

Mykl Roventine - CandleLast night, at about 11:30 PM, I decided to Tweet out a question that I’ve been contemplating.

“If, as a job seeker, you could have one request (minus “hire me!”) of companies you apply with, what would it be?”

I suppose that the question stems from a few thoughts and past events that I was engaged in.

  • Delighters at DisneyWhile at Disney, I was fascinated with how the small details really came together to make the overall experience amazing – I think, in recruiting, we can learn from that.
  • Back to the Basics – When something has gone wrong in the past, it’s usually been easiest (in my experience) to go back and first review the basics. In many cases, one of the very fundamental pieces of what I had been pursuing was out of whack.
  • Process Improvement – Sometimes the basics are in place, but perhaps they aren’t executed well enough or with the desired impact they were intended to deliver.
  • Current Pursuits – I’m interested in this topic because of what I’ve been dedicating my professional time to.

The Responses

By about 9:00 AM this morning, I had received 12 good responses that I wanted to share. Hopefully this conversation will continue and we, as a

recruiting community, can get back to the basics of candidate experience.

  1. Via @drivethruHR – Honesty please – be straight about opp, communicate expectations and process, then outcome
  2. Via @TrishMcFarlane – Always follow up with the job seeker after an interview. Even if the answer is “you’re still in the process” – Main thing is to not let the candidate just hang there for weeks.
  3. Via @MOconnorSA – Define the hiring process
  4. Via @JessicaMalnik – To give me some insight in the process every once in awhile instead of leaving me hanging for weeks at a time.
  5. Via @KeranM – my one request would be “talk to me”
  6. Via @IAmEmmaMusic – Flexible schedules/options to work from home.
  7. Via @Alpern – Be direct & truthful. Provide follow-up & insights from decision making process. Let the candidate know if they are + or –
  8. Via @ekwan – open mind
  9. Via @carigillespie – Actually letting me know if I didn’t get the job, as opposed to just blowing me off.
  10. Via @whatever_angel – don’t list having a degree unless it is truly required.
  11. Via @dynila – Tell us what you really want, plainly. No more corporate-speak job listings.
  12. Via @vkan – Make your hiring decision in a timely manner so I can properly allocate my time and effort. (i.e. don’t leave me hanging)


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you look at this short list of answers, you will see a few consistent requests.

  • Process Clarity – Offering clarity around the steps that a job seeker is most likely to take seems to be an important request. Can we do that?
  • Straight Talk – Instead of avoiding the hard conversations (i.e. Declines), we should be forward with the candidates. Can we do that?
  • Follow-Up – Whether it is during or at the conclusion of the hiring process, candidates want to be followed up with. Seems reasonable. Can we do that?
  • Clear Requests – Instead of creating corporate-speak job descriptions, we need to communicate clearer. If someone doesn’t work for our company, they probably aren’t familiar with the 100+ acronyms that we use daily. Makes sense. Can we do that?

So, job seekers and recruiters, what else should we put into our “Back to the Basics” bucket? What else can we do to improve the candidate experience?

Share your thoughts and ask your colleagues. I’d love to read what you think!

Photo Credit, Mykl Roventine

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