10 Things Santa Can Teach Us About Recruiting

by The Red Recruiter on December 25, 2009

Besides the fact that he flies around the world in one night, scales ice-covered rooftops in the dark and runs a very successful toy factory… Santa Clause has tons to offer for those of us in the recruiting trade!

So, what can we learn from this man of mystery… this red coat wearing globe trotter?

10 Things Santa Taught Me About Recruiting

  1. Making A List – Clients/Hiring Managers usually know exactly what they want (usually).  Start asking for the details and, if you feel really ambitious, consider designing a process for your end-user.  Make it easy for them to get what they want.
  2. Billions Of Priorities – One night, billions of deliveries… Santa has some serious organizational skills.  As recruiters, it’s easy to get distracted and sometimes overwhelmed.  Take a tip from Santa.  Make a list, check it twice… and, of course, stick with it.  Grab your milk and cookies as need be… but, if you want to be amazing, you have to stick to the plan!
  3. Embrace Your Team – Elves, reindeer… Mrs. Clause… a factory!  It takes a whole team to make Santa successful.  Whether you are an independent or a corporate recruiter, none of us thrive on an island.  Embrace and trust your team.
  4. Ambition – Go big or go home.  ‘Round the world in one night… Santa is the man!  In recruiting, the easy route is tempting – depending on job postings for all of your candidates.  Consider stretching further and looking in places that you haven’t previously explored.  Will it always render candidates, nope!  But, you will be better off for having embraced change.  It keeps you current and spreads your recruiting brand!
  5. Be Worldly – Santa gets around… in fact, he’s been cruising around the globe for hundreds of years.  Never limit your understanding of your client’s organization based on what they tell you.  Listen in the lunch room – talk to those who may influence your client… develop a well-rounded perspective and your clients will notice.
  6. Give Big – Billions of presents and all he expects is milk and cookies… maybe some carrots for the flying reindeer.  Show your clients more value than they’ve ever experienced – it goes a long way!
  7. Be Jolly – Ho, Ho, Ho!  Who could ever get angry with Santa.  Unless of course he delivers a stocking full of coal… but, that’s probably your own fault.  Go forth with a jolly attitude… be the type of person that spreads happiness!  No one likes a grumpy recruiter!
  8. Research – Santa knows who’s naughty and nice… and I doubt that knowledge comes without a bit of research.  Know your talent pool!  You aren’t “just a recruiter” for x, y or z.  You impact the business and the careers of individuals in your field of focus.  Do your research and know your stuff!
  9. Recognize Talent – Rudolph didn’t seem to be the best reindeer… in fact, if my memory serves me correctly, they had a few jokes and laughs at his expense.  Santa saw his hidden talent and he trusted.  Consider diving deeper.  Remember that everyone has something that makes them amazing… your job is to figure out what that is and to embrace it!
  10. Never Underestimate Bright Colors – Santa wears red and lots of it!  That’s all I have to say about that 😉  Oh yeah… he also has a flying reindeer with a red nose – that’s pretty cool in my book!

What else do you think Santa has to offer?  What spirit are you bringing to the role?

Photo Credit, kevindooley

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