by The Red Recruiter on June 4, 2009


#votesoda – 38

#votepop – 31

#votecoke – 25

#votetonic – 1 (late entry)

Thanks for participating in the Twitter fun! Enjoy your soda 😉


In pondering why I use the term “soda pop” when I refer to a soft drink, I decided to ask Twitter. The response was pretty interesting and varied widely by region. So, I started this little hashtag called the #sodapopcokeoff. Yes, the premise is simple, the contest should get heated!

Rules for #sodapopcokeoff

Here are my Tweets regarding the contest:

1:16 AM – Okay… let’s try something to set the record straight about Soda, Pop and Coke. We will call it the #sodapopcokeoff 😉 The rules are…

1:17 AM – Vote A) Soda by tweeting #votesoda – B) Pop by tweeting #votepop AND C) Coke by tweeting #votecoke – #sodapopcokeoff

1:18 AM – The losing teams have to use the winning team’s

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term for a week. Contest starts now… ends next Thursday at 12:00 AM CST. #sodapopcokeoff

The Zinger!

So, we will track this by watching the Search Twitter pages.




At the end of the week, we should be able to see who wins. Of course, we have to take other people at their word that they will use the other term for week… but hey, I trust that they will.

Update 6/5/09 – Here is a video that will walk you through how to vote. Enjoy!

Have fun… get in your vote… and, oh yes, enjoy your soda! 😉

Update 6/9/09, 1:00 AM – Current Voting

#votesoda = 35 votes

#votepop = 28 votes

#votecoke = 20 votes

Photo Credit to Telstar Logistics.

Per Telstar Logistics – “This map was created by Matthew Campbell and Prof. Greg Plumb of East Central University in Oklahoma. The original version of this image is clickable, to reveal county-by-county statistical data.”

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