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by The Red Recruiter on August 18, 2010

Sophie Long - 35 WeeksI was contemplating the arrival of Sophie today – as I have been doing for the past 9 months – and something occurred to me.  My daughter will grow up in a very different world.

She will be born in a post-iPad era.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn… hell, THE INTERNET would have always existed.  The Internet.

Email will probably be a thing of the past by the time she is old enough to use it.  Computers would have always existed as well.

She will probably give me hell about having ever listened to music on CDs… just like I gave my Dad a hard time about eight-tracks.  I remember how funny they seemed to me then.

Sophie will enter a world without the Twin Towers.  9/11 will not be stuck in her psyche like it is mine.  Perhaps that has become the JFK moment of my generation.

It is unlikely that she will ever greet a visitor at the gate as they depart an airplane – I barely remember it now.

Computers won’t be something she has to learn… they will just be a part of life.  A Comodore 64 (and the accompanying 64 kilobytes of computation power) will seem like a joke!

Dial-up will be a thing of the past.  Wireless Internet will be an expectation (everywhere!).  Receiving AOL CDs in the mail to promote the Internet will be laughable.  Floppy disks… pffft!

Jobs Boards, Skype, Cloud Computing, in-flight wireless connectivity – they all happened before her arrival.

The U.S.S.R. – a thing of history books.

The European Union would have always existed.

An African American President of the United States… it already happened.

My daughter’s life will be very different from mine.  As I think about the past 31 years and the changes I’ve witnessed… it’s hard to conceive of what she may discover.  It’s exciting and mind-boggling!

What do you think the next generation should be aware of?  What changes do you anticipate?

“Tomorrow will give us something to think about” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

  • Natbug75

    It IS mind boggling! I remember when the first Apple computer came out- my school was one of the first to get them in a computer lab. And I remember the 5 inch paper floppy disks! My boys love going home to my mama’s where I still break out the old Atari and kick their little tails with some Donkey Kong, Pac Man and Centipede! As for the future – my kids are shaping that future now. They make YouTube videos, create their own animations, conduct chemistry experiments in my kitchen making polymers (THAT was a mess!) I can’t fathom what they will come up with! But according to my boys, in the future we will have magnetic cars, teleporting will exist, virtualization will be everything. They think that we will be able to touch the air in any location to pull up data, make food..truly like the Jetsons!

    Thanks for the nostalgia this morning, Michael!

  • http://twitter.com/CigarSPHR John Nykolaiszyn

    I just want my daughters to grow up compassionate. They need to realize that they’re very lucky to be here in the US, with a higher standard of living.

    Maybe it’s our geographic proximity to the third world, or just the multicultural community that Miami is, but either way, deep down, I just want them to be loving, kindhearted, strong women.

  • Marguerite Granat

    The more things change the more they stay the same. In some ways it seems very different because of the technology, in some ways it’s all the same. What do you think Michael?

  • Jon Long Sr.

    Sophie will see a world where genetic manipulation of your child in the womb to correct defects will be commonplace. With any luck, she will see the phasing out of fossil fuels and new energy sources created if only by necessity. She will see people live longer, but not necessarily happier. Diseases that plague us today, may well be history for her grandchildren, much like Polio when I was a child. Granted Polio is making a comeback, but that is because parents are not doing what they should to protect their children. Michael, Sophie’s will be a diffrent world from what you grew up into. It will be moving faster than today and you, as I, will have to run to keep up.

  • http://theredrecruiter.com theredrecruiter

    Funny! We were just talking about those 5 inch floppy disks – isn’t that how we played Oregon Trail?

    Polymer messes in the kitchen… sounds dangerous! 😉

  • http://theredrecruiter.com theredrecruiter

    I think those are some great ideals for your daughters. I would hope for the same!

  • http://theredrecruiter.com theredrecruiter

    I think one big difference is speed of access. I remember having to go to the library to look through books in order to learn something new or write a research paper. Now, I Google it. Of course, the argument could be made that the answers aren’t always right on Google (or whatever source pops up). But, then again, either are all of the books that have been published.

    I don’t know… I suppose that we are allowed less time to contemplate a topic before having to reach a decision. That, at times, frustrates me a bit. Sometimes it’s good to contemplate a topic without being handed the answer. It spurs, in my opinion, a creative mind and exercises the brain.

    Who knows? The future shall be interesting at the very least!

  • http://theredrecruiter.com theredrecruiter

    Those all seem very possible. Crazy to think about!

    Running, running, running! 😉

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