Blogging seemed like a side-hobby when I started… an article here, an article there… nothing major.  However, over time, I started to get more and more interested in doing it on a consistent basis and taking it seriously.  For anyone who has read my blog more than once, you will realize that my topics are broad.  Everything from a note to my Mom on Mother’s Day to Recruiting: 2025 A.D. You see, while I am an Executive Recruiter by trade, I think that various aspects of my life combine to create my perspective.  Without them included, you would only get half the story.  Some disagree with me on this approach… and they are entitled to their opinions… however, blogging for me is a unique opportunity to share.  I can’t fathom making it about just one thing for the sake of appropriateness.

pcr260x125This brings me to PCRecruiter.  Just a short time ago, I realized that this whole “Blogging” thing was not only going to take up more time, but also require some additional expenses.  Travelling to different parts of the country in order to attend events and create new stories isn’t cheap!  Especially for a small business owner in the midst of a major recession!  That didn’t remove my desire to do it though.  So, I thought about how this blog could continue to develop and improve – I decided that I needed to establish a relationship with a company that somehow aligned with recruiting and that had the type of corporate integrity I wouldn’t mind sharing with the world.

MikeOwcarzTwitterAs with many of my new connections lately, I met Mike Owcarz (from PCRecruiter) on Twitter.  We hit it off!  Great guy… has a dog… very down to earth!  Over the course of a few weeks and various conversations about the ATS product, I finally decided to ask Mike whether or not PCRecruiter might be interested in sponsoring the travel required for The Red Recruiter.  He presented it to his management team, Martin Snyder and Bill Kubicek, and they agreed to chat.  After a number of brainstorming conversations, they agreed to move forward and take a risk on me.

I’m very pleased to be working with PCRecruiter!  Their product is top-notch, their corporate culture is outstanding and (this is my favorite part)… they are very forward-looking.  They see where recruiting on the corporate and agency side is headed and they are dead-set on being a part of that future.  Love it!

So, that’s the story… and that’s why I have a banner in the upper right hand corner of my blog.  I’m going to throw their logo on my shirts too!  They have gone above and beyond to make The Red Recruiter as successful as possible… for that, I’m very appreciative!