The Infinite Unknown

by The Red Recruiter on February 2, 2014

“The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.” – Albert Einstein

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Antennae GalaxiesIn an instant, I was no longer here. And by “here”… I’m referring to our common perception of physical reality and the space we occupy within it. The reality we claim to dominate with our advanced physical senses.

The only way I know how to describe the reality I entered is by using terms we can all associate with. So, I’ll do my best.

If you were to close your eyes, place a light bulb close to the front of your face, and just take in what you observed… it would look similar. Remove all sound around you and replace it with a deep oscillating vibrational tone… it would sound similar. I didn’t feel anything physically, and I don’t remember any particular smells. But, emotionally, I can still remember a great feeling of openness and freedom. Free to roam, yet guided as needed.

And while I did perceive a number of guides while in this “altered’ state, it’s incredibly difficult to describe how they appeared. They were simply with me. And it didn’t require our common interactions of speech or body language to communicate. It was as if my heart had a mind of its own… and it was able to communicate more effectively through pure emotional interaction.

Perhaps the early stages of falling in love resembles the feelings. Remember early on in the relationship when your heart was so blasted open to the other person that you could literally predict their actions? You even knew what they were thinking on occasion. At times, the interactions felt magical and it required little to no effort to be perfectly content in the company of the other person. It’s kind of like that. But, without the whole “hump like rabbits” part. You’re in sync with another being and the interaction happens naturally… with and without effort at the same time. “Seamless flow” is probably a fair way to describe the experience.

So, there I was, in this bright vibrational space. And, within its seemingly infinite bounds, I could travel freely. As I went through it, a number of people seemed to show up. I’d later go on to have these individuals described as guides. Among them, I had a great sense of connection with Einstein. It was as if he brought me through portions of his work, but also allowed me access to his emotional stance on what he accomplished. Then, another figure visited and brought me through all sorts of advanced geometries. Another, theology. Another, symbolism and linguistics. Talk about information overload.

It all happened so quickly that it was impossible to process everything. It was as if a lifetime (or more) of education and exposure was flashing in front of me… on topics that I had never really taken an interest in. In school, I was never really interested in topics related to science. So, most of what I observed seemed foreign and strange… but, in a another way, it all kind of made sense.

From an experiential standpoint, it didn’t feel like time was passing. But, actions were occurring. Kind of a timeless place that lacked boundaries and was filled with information, story, history, memories, and everything else we consider to be learned or experienced. And there was a lot to take in…

Out of nowhere, I heard two knocks on the right-side passenger window of the Tahoe. I came back to present reality and quickly looked to my right to see who was there. No one appeared within my view. I turned to the radio and the clock read exactly 4:44am. My angel numbers had returned again. Perhaps to remind me that I wasn’t alone and reassure me that I wasn’t losing my mind.

I sat back in the driver’s seat and attempted to process what I had just gone through. It felt as if I was suddenly existing in two different plains of reality. My brain and heart were tied into a realm of unspeakable depth and scope… yet my body and general physical existence was firmly planted in the front seat of my vehicle.

I stepped out of the Tahoe, stretched, and looked up at the night’s sky. I remember thinking, “Wow… there really is something beyond this world that few ever recognize as possible. There really

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are existential realities that we chalk up to speculation and hypothesis.” The thoughts and reflections kept streaming through my conscious mind, but in the simplest of terms, I can just say that I was left in awe. Absolute, total, and complete awe of what I had just experienced.

More soon.

Looking Forward, Michael

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  • David Johnson

    This is an amazing story Michael! I am still waiting for my first OBE but I have been receiving semi-conscious intelligence from a higher source or being since November of ’11. This information I’ve noticed, has been spiraling to me faster and faster the more I acknowledge this connection and notice the synchronicity involved (like your angel numbers for example). In my personal beliefs on this matter.

    I attribute this to the re-activation of the Atlantean/Lemurian Firestone crystal grid. If you want to learn more about this, from someone who has regular experiences and interactions with beings on a higher frequency, then I suggest reading the book “Serpent of Light” by Drunvalo Melchizedek. This “mass awakening” phenomenon is sweeping the world and it is starting with the people closest to the earths chakras and ley lines. Living on South Mountain in Ahwatukee is the first place I started experiencing and witnessing things that I can’t explain. I have seen bright white orbs with an outer blue glow effortlessly floating from peak to peak, vanishing below into rocks and coming back out as if there were no physical limitations in the slightest. The first time I saw it, I was a little freaked out so I went home and immediately searched for what I saw hoping someone else had experienced similar events before. Sure enough, they have perfect camera footage of the orbs I witnessed on a youtube channel called “Petroglyphs in the Sky”.

    Since then my experiences have been less physical and much more spiritual in nature. The “being” that has been channeling information to me has revealed himself as the eternal spirit known to various cultures as Thoth or Tehuti (Egypt/Atlantis) / Hermes(Greek) / Mercury (Rome) / Enoch(Hebrew) / Merlin(Celtic) / Quetzalcoatl(Aztec) / Hermod (Norse) / Merlin (Celtic).

    Basically he is the messenger or scribe of the Gods who’s soul purpose is to teach humans the ancient truths of astrology, alchemy, and magic through understanding of the laws of universe, most notably “As Above, So Below”. It has since plunged me into a deep fascination with Kabbalah, Hermeticism, and the Emerald Tablets. After countless months of heavy research, I have confirmed that this crystal grid has fully awakened. Certainly of no coincidence, the name of the 7th and final firestone to be activated was the Tuaoi (Thoth) crystal on 12-12-12. It seems that the Mayan calendar had been a perfect countdown to the final stone activation, which is supposed to trigger a new age of peace love and harmony with the Earth. This is supposedly meant to be the time when we return to our divine feminine roots and experience a drastic boost in mental, physical, and spiritual abilities that have been long forgotten by most.

    I am excited to hear your thoughts on this hypothesis. I think you would find it fascinating to know that Quetzalcoatl (the feathered serpent) came to Arizona to teach the Hopi after the Aztec turned violent and started sacrificing children and succumbing to superstitious beliefs. He is described as being blue/green in color and 8-12ft tall. Do you see the similarities in the Hopi “legends”? The Hopi 3 Mesas are setup exactly aligned with the 3 belt stars of Orion…the same as the Egyptian pyramids. Also, a $22,000 private-funded expedition was carried out in the past by a man who believed that a mythical “crystal skull” was buried somewhere in the Superstition Mountains. As of right now, the Superstition Mountain range is the largest vortex in AZ, trumping all 7 of the known vortex locations in Sedona.

    I’m thinking this has a lot to do with your experiences. Honestly I could write a dissertation on this subject, so I’ll end it there. I just wanted to say great article and I can’t wait for more follow up posts from you on this subject. Thanks for sharing!

  • Michael Long

    Thanks for the feedback David! You have a wealth of information on the topic for sure! I believe that there are many things about our existence that we are just now starting to understand. It’s an exciting adventure for sure!

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