Do Americans Work Hard?

by The Red Recruiter on September 8, 2011

Ever wonder if Americans are hard workers?  Well, take a look and judge yourself.  Looks to me like we put in our fair share of hours.

This infographic by Business Insurance Source spells it out quite well!


Image by: Business Insurance Source

  • Elizabeth Smithson

    I don’t know that the HOURS of work we put in every week has anything to do with how hard we work. I know a lot of people who waste plenty of that day because they’re expected to have their butt glued to that chair from 8:30-5. Even placing an emphasis on the number of hours we work is kind of telling, yeah? Just a thought. I’m with you though – I think America tends to have an addiction to workaholism (it’s a word). We stress that we stayed until 7 on Tuesday and worked that weekend a few weeks back…it’s not a competition of who can stay the longest, is it? I hope not. What do you think?

  • Sabrina Pietryga

    Ahhh, I’m apparently a work-a-holic.

  • Angelofvic

    At least one of those charts is absurdly incorrect. Zero paid holidays and zero annual leave in the U.S.? Good grief, who compiled this?? It’s wrong for several other countries as well. Throws into question the entire article.

  • John Dingle

    My was promoted to a salaried instead of her hourly paid position. She works maybe 55 hours per week now because they don’t have to pay her overtime. When I worked managing at an electronic plant I was always stunned at how much work I could get out of the employees by respecting them, letting them teach each other, and just treating them like human beings The screw ups were almost always caused by management above me.

  • derp

    Americans don’t work hard, they just rationalize by other means that they work hard.

  • John

    Your employer may offer you PTO but there is no legal requirement for them to do so. They may also fire you for refusing to work overtime (or really any reason except the few protected by law I.e. race, religion etc.). Fun, right?

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