Attitude is your golden opportunity!

by The Red Recruiter on February 17, 2009

big gold nugget smallerThe collective attitude among job seekers right now is just plain ol’ scary! Yes, the economy has seen better days. Yes, we may have some time ahead of us before things get “back to normal.” Yes, it is tougher than two years ago to get a J-O-B. You are right! But, being right doesn’t always transform someone into a commodity on the job market.

Take a deep breath and hear me out… less is more!

Your best strategy in a situation like this is to go counter-mainstream. You must stand out. It seems that every time I turn on the television or navigate to a news site, all I see is negativity for sale. Depressing job reports, gloomy economic forecasts and somber news about the future may be hot ticket items right now, but I’m not buying – and neither should you! Put down the remote… laugh, exercise, read a book, whatever your heart desires… just make it something positive. Isolate yourself, as much as humanly possible, from the negative forces around you. If you have a negative partner or spouse that’s bringing you down, plan a strict diet of positive reinforcement together… it may end up as one of the best steps you have taken for your relationship.

Instead of giving you a list of 501 reasons why you should be positive, I’m just going to focus on one that I have experienced the most in my professional dealings.

Positive people secure employment faster and make more money!

In the six years that I’ve dedicated to the recruitment industry, this has been the one consistent concept that I’ve learned over and over again. All qualifications equal – the best attitude always wins! You have a real opportunity right now to take the road less travelled and center your thoughts on the positives in life. If you are up for the challenge, life will reward you.

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