Disney Institute

During the week of August 17-21, we will be covering Disney Institute in Orlando, FL.  Below you will find photos and “Tweets” with our real-time updates from the experience.  Blog posts about the events can be found here on The Red Recruiter in addition to Sanera, Inflexion Advisors and The Human Race Horses!

If you are on Twitter and have a question for the team, please include “#disneyi” in your Tweet so that we can respond and/or ask the questions that you bring up.

Posts from participating bloggers:

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Mark Stelzner – http://www.inflexionadvisors.com/blog/index.php

A “Small World” With Big Ideas

“Let it go!” – Day 3 – The Disney Institute

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Mike VanDervort – http://www.thehumanracehorses.com/

Central Casting: People Management at Disney

Day 5 – The Curtain Falls at the Disney Institute

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Leadership and Courage at Disney – Part 1